(A DGCA approved Flying Training Organisation under the AEGIS of Punjab State Civil Aviation Council)

Chairman, Executive Committee, PSCAC

A soul in tension, that’s learning to fly

Conditions grounded, but determined to try

 – From Learning to Fly by Pink Flyod

The Patiala Aviation Club is one of the oldest pilot training institutions in the country.  Since 1962, it has been a front runner in imparting flying training to aspiring pilot trainees with an aviation history dating back to the pre-Independence times.  Over the past six decades, its operations have steadily grown and it has today over 50 pilots trainees on its rolls.

The Patiala Aviation Club is a DGCA approved Flying Training Organisation (FTO) of the Government of Punjab and aims to provide quality flying training at affordable rates.  It possesses an impressive fleet of single and multi-engine aircraft where training is imparted under the trained and watchful eye of some of the country’s best and most experienced flying instructors.  Its operations are presently conducted from two bases of Patiala an Amritsar.

Spread over 230 acres on the outskirts of Patiala, the Aviation Complex at Patiala is also home to the Punjab State Aeronautical Engineering College and the Punjab Aircraft Maintenance Engineering College (PAMEC).  The grounds also possess a state-of-art polo ground and equestrian training facility along with a clubhouse.

We welcome all interested persons aspiring to become pilots or seeking to undergo periodic refresher courses to join the Patiala Aviation Club, let us put wings to your ambitions!

Tejveer Singh, IAS

Principal Secretary

Chief Executive Officer, PSCAC

“To most people, the sky is the limit.  To those who love aviation, the sky is home.”  – Jerry Crawford

Patiala Aviation Club is a leading and well equipped Flying Training Organisation in India.  Since, its inception in 1962, we are aiming to develop a robust training paraphernalia so that our pilots may rise to new global standards and safety measures.

PAC is providing flying training activities at Patiala and Amritsar bases in the State of Punjab.  Apart from developing the skills required in flying, PAC embraces a holistic approach in nurturing and developing the students including character building and leadership development. These are achieved through experiential learning activities, competitions, assuming leadership roles and participation in community involvement projects.

Government of Punjab, through PSCAC, is committed to provide constant upgrade of infrastructure and academic facilities in the State of Punjab for its valuable contribution in the Aviation Industry.

Girish Dayalan, IAS

Chief Executive Officer

Manager, PAC

“We aspire to provide Wings to the Budding pilots so that they fiercely Colour the sky with their Success stories.”

Welcome to the Patiala Aviation Club website. Here you can learn about history, programs of studies, infrastructure, Pilot Instructorsand admission requirements, appreciate success stories of our alumni and our flying baseslocated at Patiala and Amritsar.

PAC boasts of a well-trained and competent DGCA approved team entrusted with flying training and maintenance operations.Since, its establishment, PAC is maintaining pace with the technological transformation in aviation industry to create pilots having updated knowledge and training.

Students of the PACare known for their excellent knowledge and flying skills. We give due emphasis on safety and security matters related to flying training.  Our pilot traineesare trained to manage adverse conditions calmly and efficiently by our highly qualified and experienced mentors.

We hope that our website will help you to discover, why the Patiala Aviation Club is unique among leading flying training institutions in the country, and decide to be a part of our Flying Training Organisation.

Your future starts here!

Kumar Amit, IAS