(A DGCA approved Flying Training Organisation under the AEGIS of Punjab State Civil Aviation Council)



Type of AircraftQuantity
Cessna 172 R 02
Cessna 172 S 02
Cessna 152 02
Beech Baron G 58 Multi Engine 01
Tecnam P2006T 01


Patiala – 3840 ft. Uncontrolled airfield with ATC and day night flying facilities.

Amritsar – 12103 ft. Airports Authority of India controlled International Airport equipped for full IFR flying training with DVOR and ILS.

Ground School & Training

Ground school training with multi media class-room lectures and interactive online courses to enable easy, efficient learning are available at both bases of Flying Training.  Students learn better with ourself paced, individualized learning environment and guidance.  The course has stages & clear, defined syllabus based training with goals.  We mentor them to excel. 

Training Labs

PAC is one of the few training schools that has its own DGCA approved aircraft maintenance & repair station at both bases.  Students have full access to this facility and get to learn about aircraft systems, engines, air frames etc. through the course lab classes and hands on practical lessons.


Books and Study Materials with online learning programs

PAC customized training programs with videos, presentations, tutorials & practice test help students to understand the subjects thoroughly and learn with ease and convenience.

Simulator - Mechtronix

Students excel with our advanced training and Mulit Crew training in DGCA approved flight simulators.  These simulators are valuable training tools for students to practice flights in all weather conditions, in all airports and practice systems failures, emergency management operations etc. of single engine aircraft. 

Student Pilot Equipment & Gear

Students are provided with all the required pilot gear and other accessories to achieve optimal training benefits.

Study Materials and Equipment for course

PAC advanced training course materials for professional pilot training uses a carefully selected combination of the most popular training materials in the industry.  Training courses, books and study material can be accessed by the students from the well equipped aviation library.