(A DGCA approved Flying Training Organisation under the AEGIS of Punjab State Civil Aviation Council)

Our Aim

Inhabiting an age where flying has emerged as quintessential aspect of a nation’s economy and its contribution to cause of globalization, we are aiming at lifting PAC to a new lofty stature where it may directly assume its deserving role and discharge its responsibility towards economy of state and nation in befitting manner and thus fulfilling aspirations of a developing economy and its citizens.  We can decipher well the underlying potential of this sector and how it can give wings to aspirations of our youth.  Now it is high time when we need to further strengthen our infrastructure in states so as to curtail regional disparities and movement barriers.  Since, its inception 1962, we are aiming to develop a robust training paraphernalia so as our pilot may rise to new global standards and safety measures.  When it comes to giving a fillip to aviation industry, it all banks upon the quality of training which is being imparted to trainees.  We, at PAC, are striving for excelling all other rivals in this direction.  We are offering an unparalleled system encompassing all features of modern training to our pilots so they may be equipped with all latest and sophisticated skills related with the aviation.  For us, it constitutes a great service to cause of advancement to our motherland as well as humanity. 

Our Vision

We aspire to provide  Wings to the Budding pilots so that they fiercely Colour the sky with their Success stories.